How to connect headphones to a TV

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HDR and 4 to the modern Resolution Dmiing and quantum dots were packaged in modern television installations - the new models are equipped with a simple installation - a headphone jack.

This is not an immediate problem for most users. After all, if you have best car speakers for bass, so why do you need to connect a pair of headphones? However, those who are sleeping in the room next to the children or other family members, have a good pair of headphones for noise Considering Taking into account that late night Transmission of marathon would be a great help really. For example, a simple (to the TV to connect to the TV and home) is importantly maintenance in mind, we have about how to connect the headphones to the TV Guide.

These are the best ways to hide your TV time.

Wired connection

If your configuration is suitable for a pair of wired headphones - which means that you feel close enough to the TV or other device to easily reach from - some free option releases to facilitate wiring on your TV


To connect through the adapter you must first keep in mind that the particular type of television audio output on the back of your television or in - usually at your entrance - there must be some form of old television outlet connection audio in, 3.5 mm (standard headphones) output can be, that Plug and Play makes it easy to use, although RCA Odiy more normal models left / right older There are outputs, which will require a 3.5 adapter RCA mm, since it will be from Amazon. They are easy to set up, and better yet, they are very cheap

The new television will be a bit complicated Many television manufacturers withdrew the analog output in favor of digital optical output some time ago. The production of a small, square-shaped door is visible, which is often mentioned in bright red right light (or is equipped with a rubber cap like the one shown above). You will need a digital audio to analog audio adapter for best bluetooth headset for truckers. This will not only allow you to connect the 3.5mm headphone jack, but it will be converted to the correct format for the audio output to play on your headphones.

In these cases, you may need an extension cord for headphones like this, which allows you to back up to 50 feet.

Connection to the remote control of the transmission device

Another option is to connect the remote control of a set-top transmission device. If you are thinking of a decoder, then it is a good time to jump. It's the perfect time to jump. As Rocco Ultra remote control and a head with headphone jack, that the Amazon fire of 3.5 mm to game controller of the Nvidia TV headphone socket (but not the standard distance), you must use it. buy a game package.

The only potential flaw here is that you can only listen to the device that is plugged in. If you watch most televisions with cables, this will not be the best solution

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